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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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Jean Bury

Hi Lucy I was given one of your packs including pattern for Xmas 2023 it as Ocean, as my husband & I had sailed both here & France. The colours were
Gorgeous. I am 90 now I have never crocheted always knitted. I have just finished the lovely colourful blanket, my daughter, friends & neighbours think it super. I enjoyed following the pattern & was soon hooked. I now want to have a go at your Hydrangea blanket which I want to order. Wish me luck


Ann Cobb

Is there a random stripe option using the colours from the Fireside blanket? I read in the blog you were doing one but haven't come across it so far.

Jennifer McNeill

I bought the fireside kit but am not sure about the granny squares now Coukd I do the hydrangea one using the Heather shades which I have? There are only 12 colours in my kit though.


I am currently making this blanket with the recommended wool and I love it. It is taking me quite a while to complete but I just love adding the different beautiful colours and I have had a lot of lovely compliments about it 😊

Elaine Harrison

I am about halfway through this project but there is a little niggling detail which looks ok overall but I’d really like to put right. Between the dc and the next treble, the chain stitch that forms is very long and no matter how much I try to work tighter it is still long, big and loose.


I've tried several sample swatches up to 4 rows to check tension AND changed needle size as suggested but can't get it to stop curling. Does this go away further on?? Help!

Jan rice

I tried three times I get two rows done measure and get 132 cm have 45 shells.I used I hook to start off then go to G do T just keep going.Im just using pink verigated and blue verigated.2 rows each.


Hi Lucy, I think someone may have had the same problem I had. I'm new to crochet but knew there was a difference between UK and US crochet terminology. I Googled UK but unless you listen to the accent you may get US. I did 2 colours of US by mistake and it looked really loopy as their double is our treble and I have no idea what their treble is but it doesn't work for this pattern (lots of wool winding and fans are too tall and loopy!). Happily I'm on colour 4 now and it looks beautiful!


Everybody's tension is different so it will take a lot of mistakes in order for everybody to come up with the same measurements. I redid my chain and first row and come up different every time. Each time was too wide so came up with my own chain count. Came up with 112 cm wide which will be a good size blanket for me. Trying to make fit so won't run out of yarn. It would help if a gauge came with the pattern. You know, so many rows = so many cm, so many stitches = so many cm.

Nicky Hill

I've just started the third colour but mine looks holy compared to the pictures but I have the right amount of shells. What am undoing wrong! Feeling frustrated

Sarah Davies

I love this, I've followed your blog for quite a while and when asked what I wanted for my birthday I asked for one of your kits. My daughter bought me this one, I'm on the last two pistachio rows and I'm almost sad that I've nearly finished it. Your instructions are so clear to follow and you have a great way with choosing colours. Thank you. p.s. I've just ordered the cupcake kit, and I can't wait to start that. Already planning the one after that.

Janene Wohlers

I love the blanket that has the white stripe in between. Is that the pattern you get when you purchase the Hydranger Wool Pack?

Belgica M

Hola, acabo de comenzar su alfombra de hortensias porque estoy tratando de entender y seguir patrones, sus instrucciones y fotos son muy útiles, gracias. Hice mis dos primeras filas con un gancho 4.5 y continué con un gancho 4. Solo estoy en la fila 2, pero el trabajo es muy rizado: ¿es de esperar o he hecho algo mal?
Espero que puedas aconsejar


Will this amount of yarn make 2 baby blankets?



Janet Cromack

HI Lucy,
I have just purchased the pack for the Hydrangea Blanket because I love it when I saw it on the Woolwarehouse. I have done my 182 chains using a 5.5mm hook but still can only get my chain to measure 100cm. Could you advise me? More chains to get up to 120cm? I am relatively new to crochet and not sure how to correct this.

Thank you



Some of the best instructional pics I've seen. Thanks for sharing!


How do I order the Hydranger wool pack

Linda Teeter

I believe that in the U.S., dc and tr stitches are different. Is that correct? If so, is a dc a U.S. single crochet and is a tr a U.S. dc?

Siobhan van meurs

Next one will be moorland

Siobhan van meurs

Hi Lucy, just finishing hydrangea blanket in babycashmarino
Just love it, the photos have been so helpful. Great site
Kind regards
Siobhan in Cornwall

Alice Winifred Codling

How can I buy 2 extra balls 1 of Parma Violet and 1 of Pale Rose?

Leslie Rawls

I just saw a Facebook post where someone made this blanket using the "dune colourway" scheme. I was about to give up blankets for a while, but what's one more? Is there a dune colourway yarn packet for this pattern? (I'd like to make a large size, so I really want two, I guess.) Fingers crossed!

Marie Shaw

I learnt to crochet ( granny squares) in September... bought the Hydrangea pack and on row 4 now but loving it and I'd be lost without your great tutorial ( and support on FB). Colours and pattern are just lovely x


Hi Lucy, your blog was the very first I ever visited when I fell in love with crochet all over again as an adult. It has always been a source of inspiration and it makes me so happy to see the fabulous new directions Attic24 has taken over the years. I’ve just ordered a Hydrangea pack and can’t wait for it to wing its way to New Zealand. I’m sure your gorgeous Sweet Pea pack will be my next purchase.


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